£300m Estimated Cost & Rising

In 2015, the cost of the Red Route was estimated to be approximately £210m. By 2019, this figure had risen to over £290m, partly as a result of the failure to recognise VAT in the estimates. Its also been pointed out that additional costs such as the compulsory purchase of the land and the necessary improvements to the Flintshire Bridge were not included in the initial costs.

The Current Climate Emergency

In December 2019, the Welsh Government became the first UK administration to declare a climate emergency, committing itself to building a low carbon economy. But not only have the Welsh Government publicly conceded that the road will lead to an increase in CO2 emissions, its also confirmed the road will cut through one of the UK's largest solar parks.

Destroying Ancient Woodland

The new road development will go straight through Leadbrook Wood, an ancient wet woodland which is said to date back to Roman times. The Welsh Government has proposed mitigating measures and new tree planting to replace those lost, but cannot show how it will mitigate the loss of woodland that has been around for possibly in excess of 2500 years.

Locals and their livelihoods

The proposed road will cut through a number of vital local businesses, effectively destroying livelihoods. Tyn Y Coed Farm located at the end of Starkey Lane in Northop is one such business that will be decimated by the development. The road will run through the middle of the 150 acre organic farm, effectively splitting it in half.